Summer is here,  and what better way to make the most of the long sunny days than to take up a bellydance class? Whether you are a novice or a more experienced shimmy-diva, we’re sure that you will find a class to suit your level and objectives.

Here is the timetable for the summer term:

Every Monday from 19:15 till 20:15, starting 16th June, no class on 7th July, ending 28th July.
This class is aimed at complete beginners who have no experience whatsoever. During the course we will go through some of the fundamental movements found in bellydance, like figure of 8’s, circles, hip drops, shimmies as well as correct posture and various stances. We will also start working on a short, simple, fun choreography.

Early bird price: EUR 40* (If paying via PAYPAL: EUR 42)
Bring a friend along and pay only EUR 75 – that’s EUR 37.50 each (If paying via PAYPAL: EUR 79)

Normal price: EUR 46 (If paying via PAYPAL: EUR 48.50)

Every Monday from 18:15 till 19:15, starting 16th June, no class on 7th July, ending 28th July.
This class is aimed at those beginners who have taken at least three months to a year of regular classes. During the course, we will revise the basic fundamentals, introduce travelling and layering concepts, as well as compound movements. We will also work on Choreography.

Early bird price: EUR 45* (If paying via PAYPAL: EUR 47.50), Refer a friend and get 5% off

Normal price: EUR 50 (If paying via PAYPAL: EUR 53)

Every Monday from 20:30 till 21:30, starting 16th June, no class on 7th July, ending 28th July.
This class is aimed at intermediate/advanced level students who have taken at least two years and over of regular classes. During this course we will be focusing on Technique for Raqs al Assaya / Saiidi, as well as Choreography. The Assaya (saiidi cane) is a required prop for this course: bring your own or hire one from me. Only a limited number of Assaya’s are available for rental at EUR 1.50 per class and prebooking is necessary.

Early bird price: EUR 48* (If paying via PAYPAL: EUR 51), Refer a friend and get 5% off

Normal price: 54 (If paying via PAYPAL: EUR 57)


* Prices quoted cover the full session (6 lessons of 1 hour each) and are valid for bookings made by 12th June and paid by no later than 14th June. Bookings made after this date will be at the normal price.

The studio is located in San Gwann.  Full address will be disclosed to booked participants only.  Payment can be made via online bank transfer, ATM deposit, paypal or cash.




Send an email to with your full name, mobile number, chosen course and preferred method of payment. You will then receive an email with further instructions on how to pay.  Make sure you settle all fees before the closing date to ensure that your place is guaranteed. Only paid bookings will be considered as confirmed.  Class sizes are limited to TEN students, so early booking is highly recommended.



Shimmy for Charity

May 2, 2012

Jane Camilleri (Ya Habibi School of Middle Eastern Dance) and Angelez Diaz, proudly present “Shimmy for Charity” – a World Belly Dance day fundraising event that will be held on Saturday 12th May in the afternoon.

For those who are unfamiliar, World Belly Dance day is a global event that has been celebrated annually, every second Saturday of May for the last six years. On this day, dancers around the world unite to celebrate their love for and promote oriental dance arts, whilst at the same time raising funds for charity. This year, Malta will be joining the international community for the first time through an event which will hopefully bring together the local bellydance scene.

During “Shimmy for Charity”, Jane, Angeles and Haydar will each be teaching a number of fun classes targeted at both members from the general public as well existing dancers of different levels, from complete beginners to the more experienced. The following are the classes on offer:

GYPSY FUSION – Learn a complete fusion choreography oozing with fiery gypsy flavour! Please bring a full circle skirt with you!
Level: Mixed
Time: 2:00pm till 4:00pm
Teacher: Angeles Diaz
Minimum Donation: EUR 20 (EUR 25 recommended)

DABKE – Get a taste of this joyous line folk dance native to the Levant region.
Level: Mixed (Beginners also welcome!)
Time: 4:00pm till 5:00pm
Teacher: Haydar Abu Asser via ACIS
Minimum Donation: EUR 5 (EUR10 recommended)

BELLY DANCE TASTER – Never bellydanced before? Then this is the class for you! Come give it a try, as we take you through an oriental journey of figure eights, circles, hip drops and we’ll even throw in a few shimmies in between. So rally your friends and join the fun! No dance experience required, all shapes, sizes and ages welcome!
Level: Complete Beginners
Time: 5:00pm till 6:00pm
Teacher: Jameelah Sultan (Jane Camilleri)
Minimum Donation: EUR 5 (EUR 10 recommended)

ORIENTAL SALSA – Salsa enthusiasts are bound to love this unique blend of oriental and salsa.
Level: Mixed (Beginners also welcome)
Time: 6:00pm till 7:30pm
Teacher: Angeles Diaz
Minimum Donation: EUR 15 (EUR 20 recommended)

SHIMMY BOOTCAMP – Ya Habibi’s trademark Shim-A-thon is back! Join Jane in this mixed level class that is guaranteed to make you shimmy, sweat and giggle till you drop – all in the name of charity!
Level: Mixed
Time: 7:30pm till 8:30pm
Teacher: Jameelah Sultan (Jane Camilleri)
Minimum Donation: EUR 5 (EUR 10 recommended)

Classes will be held at: GARDEN VIEW COMPLEX, Swieqi.

The minimum donation amount for each class applies to both participants and sit-ins. All ages/levels welcome!

Kindly note that neither Jane, Angeles, nor Haydar, will be receiving any money from the event: all profits from “Shimmy for Charity” will be donated to Dar Fejda and Dar Jeanne Antide, residential homes that house young females between the ages of 11 and 18 years with personal, social and familial difficulties who have already gone through a number of serious letdowns and rejections in their life.

For more information on this event, make sure you visit our website’s Event Section.

It gives me great pleasure to announce the first oriental weekend intensive with one of the most famous greek oriental dancers, teacher and choreographer MARIA AYA!

Specializing in folkloric styles, Maria Aya is known for her authentic Egyptian baladi style, her deep emotional connection with Tarab music and sense of humour. She has taught workshops all over Europe, and is one of the featured teachers at the prestigious Nile group festival of Cairo. As the Director of the oriental charity group “Malema’s Banat”, she has produced more than ten Theatre Shows in Greece and her students won the April 2009 first price of the NileGroup Festival of Cairo group category. She has served as a judge in various Oriental dance competitions both in Greece and Internationally.  Maria Aya is also the Co-Director of the greek “Kazafy Troupe”.

Maria Aya

Maria Aya

There are a variety of value-for-money packages not to mention an early bird discount for those who book and pay by 28th April 2011.  Registered students of YaHabibi benefit from a further exclusive discount on the early bird packages.   Please note that choreography workshops come with a FREE music CD. 

A detailed list of available workshops is available here.  Don’t forget the show on Sunday 22nd May 2011, more details HERE.

Remember, early bird discounts close 28th April 2011 – don’t miss this chance to study with the fabulous Maria Aya!  Book now to avoid disappointment!  Call Jane on 99065142 or send an email to

Hello everyone,

Here is the timetable for the new term:

B E G I N N E R  1  –  THE FUNDAMENTALS (+ Choreography)

LEVEL: Complete beginner

WHAT:  This introductory programme is structured to teach the fundamental movements found in bellydance.   Students will be introduced to basic  technique, including isolations, slides, circles, shimmies, figure 8s, undulations and hip accents. A short fun choreography is included.


Every Monday from 24th January till 28th March, from 7:15pm till 8:15pm @ Garden View Holiday Complex, Swieqi

PRICE: € 85.00 (10 lessons), minimum 10 students.  Drop-ins are welcome at €12.00 per class. Please note that a one-off try-out session will be held on Monday 17th January from 7:15pm till 8:00pm. Fee: only €5.00 if signing up for the full course or just pay €10.00 for the session

B E G I N N E R  2 – MOVEMENT APPLIED (Part 1) + Choreography

LEVEL: Beginner with experience / Students who have completed the Ya Habibi B1 Programme

WHAT: This is a structured course aimed at students with some experience in bellydance, or those who have already completed the Beginner 1 Programme.  In this course, students will refresh the technique learnt in the Beginner 1 Programme and learn to layer and travel with it.  Additionally, students will be introduced to basic combinations and explore more complex movements as well as different arm and foot positions.  Basic veil will be briefly introduced.  A fun short choreography will be taught during the course, allowing the students to apply the movements learnt throughout the Beginner Programmes.

WHEN:  Every Wednesday from 19th January till 6th April, from 19:15 till 20:15

WHERE: Garden View Holiday Complex, Swieqi

PRICE: EUR 108.00 (12 lessons), minimum 9 students.

B E G I N N E R  3 – MOVEMENT APPLIED (Part 2) + Choreography

LEVEL: Beginner with experience / Students who have completed the Ya Habibi B1 Programme

WHAT: This is a structured course aimed at students who have completed the Beginner 2 programme.  In this course students will review,  drill and add on the movements, layers and combinations introduced during the previous course.  The focus will be on polishing and refining the foundation technique learnt during the beginner courses which is essential for a smooth transition to the intermediate programmes.  Basic sagat will be introduced.  A fun short drum solo choreography will be taught.

WHEN:  Every Wednesday from 19th January till 6th April, from 20:30 till 21:30 WHERE: Garden View Holiday Complex, Swieqi

PRICE: EUR 108.00 (12 lessons), minimum 9 students.   

I N T E R M E D I A T E   C L A S S    

LEVEL:  Intermediate students only

WHAT:  During this term, students will be exposed to more advanced combinations and footwork, and more veilwork.  Rhythms will be explored whereas basic Sagat patterns will be introduced. Includes choreography.

WHEN:  Every Monday from 17th January till 4th April, from 20:30 till 22:00pm

WHERE: Garden View Holiday Complex, Swieqi

Price: EUR 171.00 (12 lessons, 1hr30m each),

Registration Date: 17th January 2010 @ Garden View, from 19:15 till 20:30

For more information on the courses or to book, please email me on or call 99065142.  A registration form will be emailed or posted to you, which must be returned completed together with the payment to the address indicated below prior to, or, handed in on the Registration Date.

Class sizes are restricted, therefore early booking is highly recommended.

Terms and Conditions apply – click here for details.


Drop-In and Class Cards


Students enrolled in any Beginner or Intermediate Programs are encouraged to attend as many additional classes per week AT or BELOW their level as they would like. The options available are as follows:

  Option 1: “Pay as you go” – EUR12.00 per 1 hr class

  Option 2: Use your 10- or 5-Class Card

Class Cards are pre-paid 1 hr classes and may be purchased for any currently enrolled student. 5-Class Cards cost EUR 50 (5 hours); 10-Class Cards cost EUR 80 (10 hours).  Cards are valid for the individual whose name appears on the card. Class Cards are valid for the session in which they were purchased and must be  presented before class begins. Class cards are non-replaceable, transferable or refundable. No exceptions!

PLEASE NOTE: Class cards and “pay-as-you-go” options are only available to students who are enrolled in a programme during that current session and they do not apply for Workshops .